How do you say “goodbye” when you didn’t even get to say “hello

We all have people in our lives that we take for granted… they prove their friendship, they show support. You also show you can listen to them and be there for them.

Time passes … People come and go, but some of them stay. And laugh and cry with you.

But among all those who actually give a fuck, there may be one… ONE who cares more. Who is there more. Who knows when to be there and when to stay quiet. And you don’t see it! And that one person doesn’t say a word…

Again, time passes by… you two grow old. And life has this exquisite talent to fuck you up. And in your worse times, it puts this person in front of you. No longer just as a friend.

And this is where things get confusing. And all that bitterness and sadness you accumulated simply don’t let you enjoy it.

In front of your eyes there stands this ONE person who gives you everything. Everything you ever dreamt, everything you ever cried for. Everything that you hoped and dreamy and it just… vanished… lik edust in the wind.

You don’t feel you worth it. You don’t think it can actually happen to YOU! And instead of grabbing it, you just run away. You raise walls, put barriers, search rational reasons. You don’t even know how to say yes or be happy, because you chose suffering for a momentarily happiness that when the actual opportunity for happiness comes, you get scared.

And right before actually saying “hello” you are faced with saying “goodbye”. Because what do people do in crises?! They leave everything behind and fly away. Whe they don’t want to give up or no longer feel happy with anything. But a fresh start for you can be a selfish answer for someone that is actually ready to give into you totally.

This is a question haunting me, these days… this is a lesson for which there is no manual or instructions… but i do know that these things should never happen to good people.

And if i ain’t the best person ever, i might have bumped into a too of a special one… so… there is this doubt… is it possible that:


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